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SERVPRO 2014 Director's Gold Award

SERVPRO 2014 Director's Gold Award

When you walked into our smaller, older office and looked to your right, you would be able to see a cabinet that displayed SERVPRO’s plaques, certificates, and awards similar to the one you see here. Continuing on from 2014, SERVPRO has continued to win awards, grow, and serve more customers. So much so that today that cabinet couldn't hold all of the awards that our SERVPRO employees have worked so hard to receive. All of this progress couldn’t have been made without our outstanding employees and customers. When new customers work with us for the first time, they realize what we are talking about. We thank all of our customers for putting their faith in us. The greatest reward that we can receive can't be put into a little cabinet because it is the thanks and gratification from a satisfied customer.

C.E.O. Award

We have won the 2015 C.E.O. Award. C.E.O. stands for Creating an Excellent Organization. The award acknowledges offices with an outstanding work environment. We also give a special thanks to everyone on our team that helped make this happen.

First Look at Our New, Expanded Headquarters

Here's part of the office redesign of our new headquarters at 100 Peters Road, Bloomfield. We're moving in by March 31. Our phone numbers will stay the same.

Our New, Expanded Warehouse

Our new warehouse is five times bigger than our old warehouse. The old warehouse was 10,000 square feet. The new 100 Peters Road, Bloomfield warehouse is 53,000 square feet. Our capabilities to respond faster with more restoration equipment just got much more powerful.