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Mold Facts

6/22/2018 (Permalink)

Deal with mold carefully and thoroughly

Mold is everywhere. That’s a fact of life all over the world. There is a wide range of mold varieties that can live in almost any location. But mold in small amounts poses little risk and is found in even the cleanest of homes and businesses. When mold colonies become too large, or when they are disturbed by either wind or movement, the mold spreads by sending off spores through the air to colonize other areas.

Perhaps the most important fact to remember about mold is that it’s impossible to eradicate. You can’t get rid of all mold. However, mold remediation is quite possible even in the worst mold situations. 

The Color of the Mold Does Not Matter

In the Manchester and Mansfield areas many homeowners and business owners want to learn more about mold damage. They want to know what mold means to their health, safety, and the future of their property. You’ll find that much of the information about mold that’s available online is about black mold. Just remember that any type of mold can create unhealthy and harmful conditions. The color of the mold does not matter.

Mold Is in Dry Locations, Too

Mold is found in dry locations—not just in moist ones. Of course, mold can grow more easily in moist, humid areas, but mold located in drier areas only needs to wait for moisture to find it before the mold can grow and send off spores.

For Mold, Fire & Water Cleanup & Restoration Call SERVPRO of Manchester/Mansfield At (860) 649-0836

The professionals at SERVPRO of Manchester/Mansfield are trained in handling mold. We know how to make sure mold does not spread and is contained adequately during the removal process. We also know how to repair mold damage, and when restoration work should include replacing materials. Our goal is restoring your home or property to a clean, healthy, and safe condition.

How Mold Affects People

According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), some people are sensitive to molds. For these people, exposure to molds can lead to symptoms such as stuffy nose, wheezing, and red or itchy eyes, or skin. Some people, such as those with allergies to molds or with asthma, may have more intense reactions. Severe reactions may occur among workers exposed to large amounts of molds in occupational settings, such as farmers working around moldy hay. Severe reactions may include fever and shortness of breath.

People with a weakened immune system, such as people receiving treatment for cancer, people who have had an organ or stem cell transplant, and people taking medicines that suppress the immune system, are more likely to get mold infections.

Exposure to mold or dampness may also lead to development of asthma in some individuals. Interventions that improve housing conditions can reduce morbidity from asthma and respiratory allergies.

Clean Mold Carefully

When you clean mold you must proceed carefully. If you’re not careful, the mold can spread to other areas that may not already have a mold issue. At SERVPRO of Manchester/Mansfield we recommend that homeowners only clean mold on their own if the area is small.

And we advise you to not use bleach. Bleach can change the color of the mold, giving you a false sense of safety and accomplishment. After using bleach, the mold spores may still be viable, and the mycotoxins still present. The odor is now masked (temporarily) by the chlorine smell. And at its best, bleach only cleans surface mold. It cannot get rid of mold that lies beneath the surface of porous materials.

More Information   

SERVPRO of Manchester/Mansfield publishes educational articles on how Manchester and Mansfield area residents and businesses can protect themselves from mold and natural disasters and restore their property after a flood, sewage spill or other harmful event. We also try to give you ideas about resources in the greater Manchester and Mansfield community. Here are a few other blog posts you might find helpful: 

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