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Chemical Spill Safety

3/10/2017 (Permalink)

Chemical Spill 55 Gallon Drum Never re-enter your home or commercial property after a chemical spill until emergency crews say it's safe to do so.

Floods, storms, hurricanes, and other disasters often cause chemical spills. You never want to re-enter your home or commercial property after a chemical spill until emergency crews have completed their work and the buildings are considered safe. Even then, the federal government’s Environmental Protection Agency advises you to take precautions like:

  • Look carefully for and avoid leaking containers, especially of chemicals like caustic drain cleaners and chloride bleach.
    •    Keep other people and pets away from leaking or spilled chemicals.
    •    Clearly mark and set aside unbroken containers until they can be properly disposed of.
    •    Leave damaged or unlabeled chemical containers undisturbed whenever possible.
    •    Don’t turn on drinking water pumps (risk of electric shock) or use the septic system until you have it inspected.
  • Avoid flood water. Often, flood water is contaminated with raw sewage or hazardous chemicals.

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  • Don’t combine chemicals from leaking or damaged containers. Doing so may produce dangerous or violent reactions.
    •    Don’t dump chemicals down drains, storm sewers, or toilets.
    •    Never attempt to burn household or business chemicals.
    •    After a chemical spill open all the windows.

What If You Smell Gas?

If you smell gas or hear the sound of escaping gas, don't smoke, light matches, or operate electrical switches. Don't use either cell or conventional telephones or create any other source of ignition. Leave the home or building immediately. Leave the door open and any windows that may already be open. Notify emergency authorities. Don't return to the building until you are told by authorities that it is safe to do so.

Stay Away from Building Materials

Avoid walking over or otherwise disturbing building materials. Building materials may contain hazardous chemicals or components such as asbestos. These materials, when carried by the air, can be breathed in and cause adverse health effects. Staying away can prevent physical injury and other health issues. If you suspect that asbestos containing materials may be present in your building or home, do not enter. 

For Chemical Spill Advice Call SERVPRO Of Manchester/Mansfield At (860) 649-0836

Possible Asbestos Materials

According to the EPA asbestos mainly affects the lungs and the membrane that surrounds the lungs. Breathing high levels of asbestos fibers for a long time may result in scar-like tissue in the lungs and in the pleural membrane (lining) that surrounds the lung. Asbestos-containing materials often include the following:
•    Boiler/pipe insulation
•    Fireproofing
•    Floor tiles
•    Asbestos roofing
•    Transite boards used in laboratory tabletops and in acoustics in auditoriums, music rooms and phone booths

Federal, state, and local personnel are often deployed to affected areas to establish debris-management programs, including household hazardous waste collection and disposal programs. These efforts may take days or weeks to come to all communities. In the meantime, the EPA urges people to exercise caution. Report any concerns to your local environmental, health, and waste disposal authorities.

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