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No More Ice Storm Damage from Winter Storms

11/2/2018 (Permalink)

Ice on Roof You can prevent most ice damage from winter storms by thinking ahead

In the Manchester, Connecticut area you never know when a winter storm may threaten to bring ice damage to your home or business. Ice storms are hard to predict and harder to deal with.  You’re smart to take preventive steps to reduce or eliminate the risk of ice damage.

Of course, even the best laid plans to prevent ice damage may not eliminate all damage. The following steps will help you keep your repair costs down and allow you to keep your home or business as safe as from ice damage as possible.

Avoid what others do. Other people sometimes consider ice just a minor annoyance but ice can wreak major havoc to your home or business. Even small preventive measures can make a difference. If a winter storm is coming make sure you keep your windows shut, your water taps dripping, and your cabinets open. These steps can help prevent freezing and allow you to avoid burst pipes.

No more ice dams
When water freezes, melts, and then refreezes on the edge of your roof it can create an ice dam in your gutters and on the roof. Ice dams can cause water to leak into your home and damage ceilings, walls, insulation, and other areas. To prevent ice dams consider adding insulation to your attic. Keep your gutters down spouts clear. Be sure water drains at least 10 feet away from your home’s foundation. And make sure you insulate recessed lighting fixtures so they don’t heat up your attic. After a storm, if there is a large and heavy amount of snow (8 inches or more), remove it from your roof with a roof rake. Don’t use a regular rake, because you can damage the shingles and gutters.

For a 2-minute video on preventing ice dams watch the CBC’s “What you should be doing to prevent ice dams forming on your roof.”

Call SERVPRO Of Manchester/Mansfield for Cleanup and Restoration. Call (860) 649-0836.

Check your roof’s strength
Your roof can support a lot of weight. Most roofs in good condition can support about 20 pounds per square foot of snow. Homes in the Manchester/Mansfield Connecticut region and other extreme weather areas are often built to withstand much more. Ten to 12 inches of snow equals about 1 inch of water or about 5 lbs. per square feet of roof. So unless you have more than 4 feet of snow on your roof – assuming your roof is not old or damaged – you are unlikely to have a risk of a collapse.

But do check your roof from your attic. Look for daylight through the boards, dark streaks or stains, sagging or leaks or water damage. See problems? Call SERVPRO of Manchester/Mansfield.

As we said earlier if you have 8 inches or more of snow on your roof you may want to remove it with a snow rake. If ice has caused structural damage ask a restoration service like SERVPRO of Bloomfield/Enfield to look at it.

Protect pipes from freezing
No one wants to return home and find a pipe has frozen, burst, and flooded the home. But it happens all the time. Pipes in bathrooms and laundry rooms located near garages or exterior facing walls are especially vulnerable to freezing.

Close any crawl spaces and add extra insulation near any water pipes. Consider buying space heaters to keep questionable rooms warm if frigid temperatures hit. Never turn the heat off when you leave your home. Open the vanity doors so that air circulates and keeps pipes warm.

Call SERVPRO Of Manchester/Mansfield for Cleanup and Restoration. Call (860) 649-0836.

Prevent ice damage from becoming water damage
Left untreated, ice can lead to major water damage. Water can quickly ruin your carpets and personal items. Water damage can also cause mold and make structural damage worse. Whenever you notice water on the floor or on your walls, make sure to call SERVPRO of Manchester/Mansfield (860.649.0836). We can quickly clean up any ice or water damage and  get the area dried out to prevent or lessen the damage. Waiting too long gives the water chance to cause more problems, and you might even deal with more damage if the water freezes again.

More information about preventing ice damage is at AMVIC’s Prevent Ice and Snow Damage to Your Home.

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