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Winter Storm Damage Restoration Part II

10/8/2018 (Permalink)

Man Shoveling Snow on Roof Be safe and careful when you're dealing with winter storm damage

In part one of this post (“Winter Storm Damage Restoration Part I”) we talked about safety, assessing the damage, making a plan, and removing the debris. This post continues with more winter storm damage restoration suggestions.  

Water damage restoration
Even with Connecticut’s cold winter temperatures, a big issue with winter storms is water damage. Here’s how damage from melting snow and ice happens on your roof. Warm air rises from your heated living spaces, warming the shingles on your roof and any snow covering the roof. Next, the snow melts and drips down to the colder edges of your home’s roof where it refreezes as ice. Once the ice grows thick enough, it backs up further snow-melt behind it, causing water to seep under your roof shingles, and eventually into your home through leakage points.

How to prevent roof leaks
The best way to prevent water from winter storms from causing roof leaks is to insulate and ventilate your attic. You can also lower the risk of a roof leak by cleaning out your gutters and downspouts in late fall and by using a roof rake to remove snow from the roof's edges. A fourth tactic is to install heat trace cables in the gutters to keep melting snow flowing.

If basement flooding is an issue for your home or business, professionals can remove the water using a flood pump. Basements take on water not just due to flooding. Water in your basement can be from heavy rains, melting snow, burst pipes, and other causes. It’s important to remove stagnating water quickly so you avoid mold growth.

If You Have Questions About Winter Storm Damage Restoration Call SERVPRO of Manchester/Mansfield at (860) 649-0836

Hail damage restoration
Hail can damage your home in three ways: When large hail storms crash into your windows or other vulnerable areas, when the ice causes tears or makes holes, and when the hail melts. Hail storms can result in ice dams. SERVPRO of Manchester/Mansfield can remove the ice dams around and in your home by using effective equipment designed specifically for this use. We can also repair the ice damage that may follow a hail storm or winter storm.

Roof repair
After a winter storm we find that roof repair is among the most common home restoration services needed. Your roof can get damaged in many ways: strong winds, a hurricane, heavy snow, flying debris, hail, and more. Repair your roof first before you work on water restoration in your home. Without the roof repair any other repairs inside your home may be in vain.

If your business has a flat roof, heavy hail damage and heavy rains can cause it to sink or cause seepage and create a roof leak. So, roof repair requires not only sealing the roof but also reinstalling new tiles and reinforcing the roofing frames.

If You Have Questions About Winter Storm Damage Restoration Call SERVPRO of Manchester/Mansfield at (860) 649-0836

Prevent winter storm damage next time
If you have winter storm damage think about more than just repairing what was affected. Consider if there are relatively inexpensive ways you can help prevent storm damage from occurring again. Check your roof before winter and fix minor issues like a missing or damaged shingle. Be sure your gutters and downspouts are clear and in good repair.

Walk around your house and see if the land slopes away from your foundation. Sometimes it’s worth making trenches or installing a flood pump around you home to prevent water from a flooding river from entering into your home. These trenches can also drain ground water away from your home. Check outside doors for their ability to withstand winds and keep you dry inside.

Storm damage restoration expertise   
Every month on the SERVPRO of Manchester/Mansfield blog we publish educational articles on how to prevent natural disasters or deal with them effectively. We explain how to recover from property damage, and keep your home clean and safe. 

Winter Snow Storm Preparation

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